Company Information

I offer individuals and small businesses a full range of financial products and services. I assist my clients by providing them with financial services, income tax preparation and a wide selection of investment and insurance products designed to help meet their stated goals and objectives.  

Planning for your financial future is often believed to be too complex and too confusing.  As a result, many miss out on potentially rewarding financial opportunities. One of my major goals as a financial professional is to educate. I don't work FOR you . . . I work WITH you.

My slogan is "Secure your Future . . . Enrich your Life" and I believe in helping my clients create strategies for a better life. I try to take the mystery out of investing, preparing for retirement and preserving your wealth. By helping you acquire the information you need to pursue your financial objectives I hope to establish a long and trusted relationship with you and your family.

The atmosphere in my office is comfortable and stress-free. My clients often stop by to use the phone or fax, or just to chat or grab a quick snack.  I pride myself on always being available to my clients and their families.